Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tajikistan Journalists in Goa for Training in Skills

International Centre Goa Organizes Training Program for Tajikistan Journalists
BY: Dr.Y.Bala Murali Krishna
Panaji, Oct 4(UNI) The International Centre, Goa (ICG) is holding a month long intensive “train-the-trainers” programme for a group of eight senior journalists from the Republic of Tajikistan, sponsored by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation of Japan.

Saifiddin Dostiev, the founder and regional trainer in the School of Young Journalists in Tajikistan and one of the “trainees” here says that the media is trying to flourish in his country.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the civil war “there are more news channels now and a huge demand for journalists. We try to train journalists in every domain but under the 'Train the Trainer's' program we will try to learn the techniques of the modern communication”.

The current programme, he said, would benefit them as “ we get exposure here by learning how the media operates in the world's largest democracy India".

The course is based on four modules, which focus on basic techniques, specialized journalism techniques as well as electronic and print media. The course will also include visits to newspaper offices.

Another participant, Melikov Umrillo, a lawyer by training, said the press had to act responsibly. “Through professional associations, independent press councils, and "ombudsmen," and in-house critics who hear public complaints, the press responds to complaints of its own excesses and remains internally accountable.

“It is very crucial for the countries of our region. If we make the base of the media stronger, the future generation will reap the benefits,” he said.

"We can learn much from a great democracy like India. A democracy allows the press to go about its business of collecting and reporting the news without fear or favor from the government. The kind of democracy which we enjoy in Tajikistan can become an example for the entire Central Asia to follow" he added.

The program is being held at the ICG premises in Dona Paula under the guidance of 3 senior India journalists – Snehasis Sur, senior journalist and honourary secretary, Centre for Media Research and Development Studies; Mr.Chandan Mukherjee, Under Secretary, Ministry of Power and Designated Master Trainer of Ministry of Personnel & Training, and Ms.Tulsi Datta, former chief sub-editor, Indian Express.

The programme, according to the ICG director Mr.M. Rajaretnam, aims at providing the participants with the latest skills and methodologies so that they can educate the young aspiring journalists after they go home. The trainees include four women members.

He also emphasized that the Centre “can become hub for research, educational, cultural, and training activities on Central Asia. As a major economy India should export its soft power to this developing region”.

The Centre, he said, has been co-hosting every November a major Central Asia Forum that brings together experts from the region to discuss developments in Central Asia and the South Caucasus.

This year the 13th ISSYK-KUL Forum will be held from November 4 to 9 and will bring experts from the 2 regions and Russia, China, US, India, Japan and Southeast Asia. Last year the Centre launched an English-Russian website on the region. UNI/BM/